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Reducing Man Breasts – A Guide for the Gynecomastia Diet

By |June 6th, 2016|

It is really embarrassing for a man to have boobs. This is a big problem for many and they don’t know how to reduce their size. However, before they get bigger and become worse, you can do something about it. Following the gynecomastia diet can decrease the mass of the breasts and prevent further enlargement.

Before tackling the diet, it’s important to know what the cause of breast enlargement for men is. There are several causes of it and one is due to the increase of estrogen levels in a male’s body. But, the major cause of this problem is obesity. Fat tends to accumulate in the breast area and that is why it enlarges.

Foods to Avoid

The first thing to do with your gynecomastia diet is to avoid foods that add estrogen or fats in your body. Fatty foods like potato chips, ice cream and others should not be eaten. Red meat also shouldn’t be taken because it is too greasy. Lastly, soy proteins are known to increase estrogen levels in the body because it contains isoflavones.

If you love drinking alcohol, maybe, it is the time to stop it. The liver is the one that eliminates excessive quantities of estrogen in the male’s body. If you drink alcohol, the liver can’t function well in removing the estrogens because it is fighting first the toxic alcohol, instead of the estrogen.

Foods to TakeFoods to Avoid

Now that you know what to avoid, the next thing you should know is what foods reduce the breast size. There are many of them and it is up to you which you want to take. Basically, you must take testosterone-producing foods and avoid estrogen-promoting products.

Foods that are rich in zinc are good for balancing your hormones. If you have hormonal imbalances, it may cause your boobs to enlarge even if you are a male.

Include foods in your gynecomastia diet that are high in zinc. This may be oysters, beef, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and as well as cheese. All of these products help you produce more testosterone.

Foods that contain large amounts of monounsaturated fats are good for your gynecomastia diet. These foods include nuts, avocados and as well as olive oil. Fats that add HDL cholesterol are also excellent for the body, especially for your testosterone, since they are made from good cholesterol. You can also add one to two egg yolks in your meal to increase testosterone levels.

The foods that are high in fiber can eliminate unwanted estrogens in the male’s body. These include prunes, apple, mango, and other fruits. Legumes like the kidney beans, navy beans and others are also rich in fiber and can be included in your gynecomastia diet.


Aside from eating the right foods for your breast, it is also good to have regular exercise. It helps you burn excess fats in your body that are stocked in the breasts. Moreover, lifting weights also increase the testosterone levels in the body and promote more masculinity.

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Gynexin Breast Reduction Pills vs Gynecomastia Surgery

By |October 5th, 2015|

Mild Breast Sag

When it comes to a question of  Gynexin vs Gynecomastia Surgery  , we have to initially understand

  • What Gynecomastia is? what are its causes, early symptoms
  • What are the consequences
  • What are symptoms and diagnosis
  • Treatment and post-treatment care

Gynecomastia is the state of abnormal-expansion of a man’s breast-region which leads to swelling and sagging and often resembles a woman. The overgrowth of skin and muscle tissues in the breast-region is attributed as the main cause of Gynecomastia. There is sometimes the confusion between this and the excess of fat which sometimes accumulate in the chest-region of the male. It is better to get a diagnosis to differentiate between the two before taking any sort of medication or surgical therapy.

Some of the symptoms could be

  • Unusual swelling of breast glands. This level will be normally more than the ones resulting from injuries.
  • The breast-region becomes unusually softer. This sometimes leads to extra skin-sensitivity
  • The breast-areola grows out of proportion in size

When seen from the biological-perspective, this is the domination of estrogen over testosterone. The first one is the female-hormone and the second one is the male-hormone. The second cause could be the excessive-abuse of alcohol. The other possible reason is kidney-failure.  Some men are allergic to certain types of medicaments and drugs. For example, the consistent usage of antibiotics could lead to this issue.

 Now, the real question is whether to choose Gynexin or to opt for Gynecomastia Surgery.  The selection of choice depends on the benefits and possible demerits involved with each method in detail. We will start by taking a look at surgical method.

gynexinThe surgical method is often named as reduction­-mamma-plasty. The plastic-surgery-method involves removal of excessive tissues from the breast-region and rearrangement of the healthy-cells and tissues in order to make the appearance as natural as possible in the post surgery period.

The other alternate looks far simpler and more effective compared to the complexities involved with the first option. It is a simple pill which works from within the man’s body without causing any pain in the process. The natural-ingredients based formula is based on a combination of Theobromine- Cacao. This is made of a caffeine-based substance. This reduces the blood-pressure by dilation of blood vessels in the long run. This in effect produces a positive effect on the normalization of breast-tissues.

It contains Guggul-sterones which are the anti-oxidants that have anti-inflammatory-properties. They also help to a large extent in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood. This also helps in the normalization of breast-size.  It also contains another strong booster of digestion process and burning of excess-fat from the abdomen and the breast-regions. When this process happens in the long run, it leads to the normalization of man’s breast region.

One of the other major benefits that seem to go the way of Gynexin is its way of working. It naturally dissolves all the toxic and fat elements and lets the human body naturally roll back to its original state. The results are more permanent in nature than the surgical methods. The other point where Gynexin seems to score over surgery is the final appearance of the chest region in the post surgery period compared to the appearance after post-medication period of Gynexin. Since the second one seems to be more natural, more people seem to prefer the natural-method of treatment compared to the traditional method of having to face the knife.

Of course there are some limitations like the time factor which is more compared to surgery. The second one could be related to some side-effects seen in rare cases.